Secret for a good flavor is not that complicated. Mixture of 35 herbs, spring water and natural sugar, creates one-of-a-kind refreshing drink which lets you feel the Alps freshness and motivates you to reach all of your goals.

You can enjoy Alpina flavor anytime and anywhere.

Alpina flavor is a flavor which motivates you, makes you stronger and refreshes you. Flavor that is created for both, individuals with strong personalities as well as for relaxing with friends.

Alpina is for those who are not burdened with trends, those who are not afraid to be themselves. Those who are ready for all daily challenges, as well as pushing their own boundaries.

That is why Alpina is a part of your every victory.

Alpina is for everyone. Just as you can do anything. Alpina motivates you to do whatever you want.

Alpina knows that, if you wish to achieve everything you’ve set for yourself, to do everything better than you did yesterday, to have the world at your feet – you have to aim high.

Whichever obstacles you wish to overcome, whatever you wish to conquer, whichever heights you wish to reach, you will do it only if you believe in yourself.

Alpina, a drink FOR ALL YOUR GOALS!